Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.How to upload my horoscope on to my profile?
Ans:- Login using your matrimony ID/ E-mail and Password. Click on the Add Horoscope link under enhance My Profile heading. Fill up the form to generate your Horoscope online or upload your horoscope.

Q2.How can I view my horoscope compatibility with another member?
Ans:- Compatibility with other star signs depends on much more than similarities. In Cancer sign, the benevolent zodiac, belongs to the element water, which is that of emotions. So do Scorpio and Pisces, but that Doesn’t necessarily mean CANCER is particularly compatible with them.

Q3.How to delete my horoscope?
Ans:- When Delete your horoscope, You can view the Personal Data you previously provided by viewing your Horoscope from your personalized Home page. You can delete your Horoscope.

Q4.How can I edit my profile?
Ans:- You can easily edit your profile on Win Matrimony just by following these simple steps: Click on your Profile image or name displayed on extreme top right corner of the screen. Click on “Edit Profile”. Then select from various sections of Profile information you wish to edit.

Q5.Why I am not unable to edit some fields on my profile?
Ans:- There’s a required field on a some fields in profile page, that should be visible on edit screen to a user with a profile. When a profile will hiding some fields, it’s a not editing that fields.

Q6.How to delete my profile as my wedding has been fixed?
Ans:- You can delete your profile in a website, Visit profile page, delete profile and select reason for delete profile, then Select for Source and fill all details and submit button. After that your profile will be deleted in an website.

Q7.How can I temporarily deactivate my profile?
Ans:- When I deactivate my profile to visit edit profile in top navigation bar in my home Section. Profile settings are that section of the website where you can Change Password, Deactivate Profile, Delete profile.

Q8.My profile has been suspended. What can I do?
Ans:- We have checked and found that, Profile has been Suspended for Verification process.

Q9.Can I register my Matrimonial Profile Free on
Ans:- Register now for free and search authentic and genuine partner profile for marriage. Millions of active profiles from Different Community, Profession and location.

Q10.How to I Login?
Ans:- is one of the Pioneers of online matrimony service. Today we are the most trusted Matrimony Website by Brand Trust Report. Millions of happy marriages happened and continue to happen through Win Matrimony.

Q11.I forgot my Profile Id/ Password. What should I do?
Ans:- Visit, Click login button to find Forgot password link. Either enter your Matrimony ID or your registered E-mail ID. Go to mailbox to see the password reset mailer and click on the Matrimony ID to reset your password. Enter your new password in order to reset the password.

Q12.How do I add my photo to my Matrimonial Profile?
Ans:- Login using your Matrimony ID/ E-mail ID and Password. Click on the Add Photo link under Edit My Profile heading. In the Add photo page, click on the Browse button. Select your photo in jpg/gif format and click Upload Photo.

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